Support comes in different ways…

Do you have a support team? A group of people, most likely friends, who you know will take moments out of their busy lives to send you love and peace when you need it most.


In time of struggle, who is your support team?

I suppose it depends on the type of support you need.

Sometimes you just need to say “F@$% it!” During those times perhaps you need that friend who takes you out for two beers, a shot, some nachos and another shot and maybe another beer? So you can spill your emotions out without being judged. They just support. And then probably hold your hair while you puke on the side of the road. Just saying.

I have been that friend and I am thankful I have those friends. Although it’s not the healthiest way to deal with your struggles. But you know, sometimes you gotta.

There are healthier ways to dealing, however. And my liver is thankful.

But maybe that’s not the kind of support you need right now. Perhaps you need encouragement. Some pick me ups. Or are they that friend/support who will pray for you, chant for you, light a candle for you? Who will send a text, an email or a card that simply says I love you, thinking of you or sending you peace.

Sometimes you need to be healed. There is much to say on the subject of healing. One simple part of healing is the embrace, a hug. Do you have a support friend/team that will simply hug you. Yet not a simple hug. No, this is complex hugging. It’s a deep loving embrace. The kind that reaches inside your soul and repairs. The kind that allows you to finally breathe again. Tears run down your cheeks and your friend instinctively squeezes a little tighter. Which brings a smile to your life. To your LIFE!!

Are they that friend/support you can cry in front of? You know, the deep sobbing where you become a toddler. Snot bubbles, mascara running, wailing, words don’t even make sense ( not even to you). that friend has to be a good listener and have a sense of humor for sure. Because they are going to have to pull off some sort of moment miracle. A moment of laughter through the tears. A “steel magnolias” moment where you are balling and angry and your friend says something so witty and off, you can’t help but belly laugh.

Or perhaps you need to be silent because the thoughts in your head are already too overwhelming. A good support friend/team will sit silently with you and not try to fix it. Simply they want you to know you are not alone.

I am fortunate that I have an amazing support team. I have friends who will take me out, pray for me, chant with me, embrace me, listen to me, don’t judge me, hold my hand and will sit silently with me while I figure my shit out.

Thank you to my support team of friends and family who have helped take care of me these last few months of transition.

So to everyone out there, surround yourself with a good support team. And then make sure you ask for help when you need it. They are there for you!!

Happy Adventure Friday My Friends!!


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