I can honestly say I am happy…

Happiness is something I have always strived for.  However, depression, anxiety and my expectations have always got in the way.  

I used to think in order to be happy, everything in my life needed to be perfect.  Perfect job, perfect family, perfect body, perfect emotions, perfect marriage, perfect, perfect, perfect, blah, blah, blah… Needless to say, I was disappointed a lot.  

I also used to think my happiness was a result of how much someone loved me.  And if they loved me, they wouldn’t leave me.  Ha!  (Oh the amount of heartache and abandonment I have felt because of this one expectation.)

It has only been recently that I have discovered my true happiness.  I wake up in the morning feeling cheerful.  I smile because it feels good.  And I know I am blessed beyond measure.  And I am not on any medication.  I am genuinely happy.  

Note about my medication: I am not an advocate for or against meds.  I am an advocate for listening and knowing your body.  And sometimes medication may be neccessary.  That is between you and your doctor.  For me, meds helped at one time.  Currently, I am med free and it is liberating.  But only because I am taking action to create my own health and happiness.

Now when I am depressed or having any deep emotion for that matter, I allow myself the time and space needed to FEEL and work thru my emotions.  I listen and OBSERVE my mind and heart.  And then I take ACTION.  (Which may also mean letting go.)

I have discovered I love myself…What an amazing find that has been!!  In fact, if I show myself love and live in the moment, I am truly happy.  And my happiness is dependent on me and my love for myself, not someone else. 

My life is far from perfect.  And I still struggle with what life hands me.  However, I have removed the word “perfect” from my expectations. This has helped my anxiety considerably.

Love yourself friends! Give yourself an hour today (or however much time you can) to enjoy you.  Rub your feet, eat an amazing meal, stretch, get a massage, laugh, read a book, make silly faces in the mirror, sing…do what makes you happy.  You deserve it!!!

Happy Adventure Friday!

Hugs and Love, Adventure Mel


4 thoughts on “I can honestly say I am happy…

  1. Melissa what a lovely thought and you express it beautifully. As I practice this I am so much gentler inside; so much more careful with myself. You have taught me many things and I love you.

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