Timing is everything…

Timing can mean the difference between a strike and a home run. Comedians, actors and musicians use timing to master their craft.  Your car’s engine uses timing to ensure different parts will work together at a specific moment in order to run.  

There is good timing and bad.   Good timing is when your friend finds you at the front of the stage at the exact moment her song, which happens to also be her name, is being sung.  Bad timing is when you love someone you can’t be with.  

So if timing is everything, do you trust in the timing of your life?

I am preparing to embark on a life changing adventure. I have less than 6 months until departure. I am not ready.  

Looking at everything I still have left to do, purchase, build, and save is overwhelming. Very overwhelming. It gives me much anxiety. Will I run out of time? 

But I trust it will all work out. Some how. Some way. I believe in the timing of my life.  

That’s huge. 

Or so I believe. I trust myself, my decisions. I will make this work. I know when it comes down to it, I am the only one who can get in my way. And I refuse to let myself down. REFUSE!!! 


Do you hear that Mel?!? You can do anything you imagine. Anything. Dream big. Live big. Live. Your. Truth. 

But life is complicated and can be very messy.  In fact, trusting the timing of your life sometimes means letting go of where you’ve been, who you spend your time with and what you focus on so that you can be free.  Free to live in the moment. Free to change the course of your life.  Free to explore you. This is exactly what I am doing…letting go of my old self to make room for my new self.  

Its exciting and terrifing.  As independant as I am, I’ve never been completely on my own before. But I am where I am supposed to be in life.  And that knowledge is comforting.  While lists keep me focussed and on track with this new journey. Plus they’re fun to check off! Oh and the adventures I will have…that excites me!!! 

Trust in the timing of your life.  You are exactly where you are supposed to be at this very moment.  Stop torturing yourself with all the “what if’s”.  Yesterday is gone and can not be taken back.  Tomorrow is not here yet and no matter how we try we can not predict everything that will occur.  What we do have is right now.   

Enjoy life! Its full of wonder and great things.  

Love and hugs, Adventure Mel 


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