All Roads Lead To Right Here, Right Now 

25 days until freedom.  FREEDOM.  Two years ago I began changing my life.  I had no idea it would lead to here.  It started as a way to get back on track with my health.  It started very slowly.  But as I put the work in, it began paying off.  I began losing weight.  I became more active.  I became more mindful about my food.  Eventually I was able to be med free and accomplish some lifetime goals, such as skydiving.  

I changed other areas of my life as well.  I changed jobs.  I surrounded myself with positive people.  I even divorced my wife…who is remarkably still one of my closest friends!!

I began walking the walk.  If you want to be happy…then be happy.

Is it really that easy? Well, yes, the concept is that easy.  But its hard work being that honest and that raw with yourself.  

Although the last two years have brought much accomplishment and joy…it has brought just as much emotional turmoil, heartache and devastation.  There were many days I believed would be my last.  Life almost destroyed me.  But it didn’t.  And I won’t let it.  

I have spent the last two years preparing for something that is about to happen in 25 days.  Freedom.  Freedom from a job, relationships, fear, and bad habits.  Freedom from my old self.  

So I’m packing up my car and taking off. For a year.  I’m trusting the universe will take care of me. 

I have lots to look forward to:

  • Daily meditation 
  • Backpacking around the USA
  • Writing a book or three
  • Meeting up with friends 
  • Meeting new friends 
  • Blogging my travels
  • Finding stillness 
  • Finding my truths
  • Letting go fully 
  • Discovering new things 
  • Becoming honest and true
  • Healing 
  • Losing track of time 
  • And so much more

I look forward to sharing my travels with you all.  Time to get back to laundry…lots to do in such a small amount of time.  

Love and hugs, Adventure Mel


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