A Month of Freedom and I’m Taking it all in.                  

Happy Leap Year!  How blessed are we to be here another day?!?  

This last month is the first of many of me being free to do anything I want without the obligation of bills and/or a job to go to.  Liberating!!  

So the first week I had off, I stayed in bed.  Unfortunately I got sick.  But it forced my burning the candle at both ends ass to slow down and appreciate where I was in life.  I recognized the opportunity I was embarking on.  I had been, am, and will be transforming my life into the one I choose.  This is big and I appreciate the opportunity.  

The second and third weeks I was productive. I canned soups for my trip, put finishing touches on my car, and packed, unpacked and packed again.  I also finished my first commission piece.  

Every day that second and third weeks, someone significant in my life shared their time, love, energy and encouragement with me.  I am truly blessed.  

I now have been on the road for 10 days.  I have 300+ more to go.  Which is kind of hard to wrap my mind around.  So much can happen in a year and yet my mind seems to think I don’t have enough time.  But what is time? It is what you make of it.  So with that in mind, how have I spent my time these last 10 days? 

I meditated by the water and found a cool park to explore in Port Angeles, WA.  This day I practiced a lot with being comfortable just being without giving in to the urge of needing to do.


I got my National Parks Pass and visited Hurricane Ridge.  This was a fun day to explore.

I explored Lake Crescent and hiked upto Marymere Falls.  Which btw, did you know to get there you get to walk through a tunnel under hwy 101?!? Pretty cool.

On day 4, I was ambitious and went back to Crescent Lake for pictures and then to 2 different National Parks.  First I went to Sol Duc Falls, where I found myself alone for over an hour.  It was beautiful.  Then I traveled just south of the most north western tip of Washington to Shi Shi Beach.  

Shi Shi Beach was a true adventure.  After a two mile muddy trail, my descent was down rope and tree roots.  This led to a sandy area surrounded by trees with an opening to an amazing sandy beach.  With the place to myself, I nourished my body with snacks and meditation.  My reward was a breath taking sunset.  I lost my shoe in the dark in the mud on the way back.  I found my shoe…and an amazing sense of self.

Ruby Beach, Forks, Wa

Newport, Oregon 

And then I adventured to Crater Lake in Oregon.  Here I was blessed with a quiet spot to spend several hours in a meditative state.  

I grounded myself with the redwood giants in California.

My most emotional, empowering and freeing day so far was visiting Port Heineme.  I even was blessed with witnessing a wedding in front of the memorial site while the sun set.  I love love.  How appropriate to end my day with love.  

And this is where I leave you my friends…in love. Be fluid, ground yourself and live in the clouds.  Love and hugs, Adventure Mel


8 thoughts on “A Month of Freedom and I’m Taking it all in.                  

  1. Hey! I loved your blog post! Thinking of you! happy adventures!


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  2. What a wonderful blessed start to a great adventure! So proud of you and a bit jealous too (only because I never had the balls)! Your pictures are beautiful and your words are powerful! I see a book in your future. Love you to the moon and back. Mom

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  3. We met briefly in Port Hueneme, while you were sitting taking photos and we were holding our Bose speaker playing 1000 Years by Christina Perry for the bride and groom below.

    They say things happen for a reason. The day prior, Friday, what I thought was a dear friend of mine named Mel, decided that our friendship was at its end. Since I had a pretty emotional day the day prior, my husband and I just decided at the last minute to go to the beach to hang out with friends and relax. Towards the end of a wonderful day, I happened to notice in the distance a guy in a tux and thought how awesome maybe he is here taking photos of a bride and groom. Funny enough as he got closer, we realized we all knew him. They were secretly getting married on the beach that day and we got to watch! As we were congratulating him, he mentioned that he forgot the music and they had a special song they wanted played. Luckily we had our wireless Bose, so as you know we watched at a distance while playing their song. Then I realized you were behind us and I was apologizing if the music was too loud. After hearing your story I have never felt more compelled to asking someone if they needed a hug. I don’t know which one of us needed it more that day.

    I wish you an incredible journey!!



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    1. Jennifer!!! Thank you. Thank you for being in the right place at the right time. Thank you for hugging me. Thank you for your kindness, compassion, and love. Thank you for sharing your story with me. Simply thank you. I’m thankful for our connection. Love and hugs, Mel 😘


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