Just Like All Bullies, Anxiety Can Eat a Dick…

I have anxiety.  Every day.  What triggers it varies from day to day, moment to moment.  But the panic that I observe in my mind and the tension it causes in my body, especially on my right side, is the same.  

Just like the bully that it is, anxiety sneaks up on me and attempts to cripple me.   I can’t ignore the bruises and just ‘hope’ it will go away.  It doesnt.  And it is frustrating not being able to reason with anxiety.   I mean, have you ever tried to reason with a stubborn, opinionated, and negative Nancy?  It’s like arguing with a two year old in the middle of a tantrum.  Not vey productive.  

Yes, I carry with me a bag of tricks and am equipped with some awesome karate chopping skills to help me win my life back from this bully (I will share my favorite in a minute).  However, it is learning to embrace anxiety as a part of my whole being that has allowed me to reassign seating positions.  Anxiety isn’t allowed in the front seat.  And never the driver seat.  No, this bully can sit in the back and shout out its warnings and worries.  And as the driver of my life, I choose what direction to take.  It may be a bumpy and slower than usual road with a lot of detours and rest stops but at least I get to enjoy the drive now!

In the last two and half weeks, I would have missed the following if I had actually listened to anxiety instead of embracing it: 

  Channeling my inner child and goofing off at a playground in the middle of the night with my pal, Lisa in Las Vegas, Nevada.

 Taking an unexpected detour and spending time with nature.

   Braving an icy patch of trail, led to an amazing hike down Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.

  Simply observing my mind and not giving into anxiety’s freak out about time allowed me to slow down and enjoy the grandness of Zion National Park, Utah.

 I especially loved walking under and over a waterfall…it was pretty cool!  
  My anxiety almost let me miss this amazing sunrise at Red Rock Canyon National Park, Nevada   

 I let myself get “lost” by leaving marked trails and exploring the canyon.  I even climbed (small) rock walls to get a better view.  

  And even though my anxiety slowed me down to a point that I left a day later than anticipated, I strapped my anxiety in the back seat and enjoyed climbing the Flinstone like rocks in the middle of Joshua Tree National Park, California where I spent a lot of time simply being.   

Like I said before, I have many skills in my bag of tricks.  Too many to list here.  So here are my personal three favorite ways of taking the bully out of my anxiety and letting it ride in the back seat of this journey are: 

  1. Crying (or simply letting myself feel the feels). This allows my emotions to wash over me instead of burying them.  I can observe my mind better when I allow the emotions to flow.  Crying releases the tension and allows me to actually handle the situation better.  This helps me embrace the anxiety  and accept it as one of my many emotions.
  2. Running.    Physically doing something creates a chemical reaction in your brain which helps me to move past anxiety.  Hear that anxiety? I can out run you!
  3. Sensory input.  This one is great!  It really focuses my attention to the right here right now.  Taking my time to observe each sensory, I ask myself the following questions: 
  • What do I see?
  • What do I feel?
  • What do I hear?
  • What do I taste?
  • What do I smell?

Deep breath my friends!  Life is good and we are blessed beyond measure!!  So tell your anxiety to eat a dick and to get in the back seat because it’s time to take the driver seat to your own life.  

Happy Adventure Friday, my friends! Love and hugs, Adventure Mel 😘


4 thoughts on “Just Like All Bullies, Anxiety Can Eat a Dick…

  1. You are amazing, Mel! Happy April Fools’ Day – You are the carefree fool of the tarot, wandering, discovering, and overcoming fears and anxiety. I love your photography, and I so enjoy seeing your smile in so many pictures. I’ve started a journey of my own – my favorite artist, Braden Duncan, and I are collaborating on a collection of my poetry entitled “The Sexual Immigrant” where she will create one of her wonderful watercolors for each poem. We’ll be starting an FB page, but we’ve got a rudimentary blog at http://www.sexual-immigrant.com. Feel free to follow our adventure as I follow yours! With love and electronic hugs. Kay

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