The more I lose time, the more of me I find.

There’s this little voice that keeps reminding me that I’m not focused enough on writing. After all, it’s one of the reasons I’m on this journey. I have a million ideas swimming around in my head. And then I don’t. It’s true, I am having trouble focusing. However, Im trying not to get ahead of myself and simply enjoy the journey. 

As I observe this voice and my unfocused mind, I have been trying to figure out if this a universal thing (you know, if the way the planets and moon are aligned are affecting my focus) and it will sort itself out. In which case I should attempt to let go of that anxiety and trust I’m going the right speed.


View it as a sign to get my shit together and sit myself down to focus on writing?!?

Here is what I’ve discovered: the universe always has a part to play, obviously. Letting go of any anxiety and being fluid is a good thing. Of course I can’t focus…I’m not ready to stop, sit and write…I’m still in the developing stages…both in writing and in meeting myself as a traveler…duh.  

I get it now. I’m settling into the go with the flow adventure mel. It’s peaceful and stimulating and I’m quite fond of who I’m becoming or rather always was. 

And that little voice? Ego. How do I know? By the way it makes me feel. Anxious. You see, my ego blames time and money. Both of which, the ego says I am running out of by not writing. I know for a fact, this is not true. Also, the ego doesn’t trust in the now. Silly ego. Now is all I really have. So ego, have fun in the back seat with the anxiety bully. You two seem to like each other.  

I will find the time to sit down and write big things. But for now, this little blog post will suffice as I’m busy being a traveler!! Here’s what I’ve been up to for a month in Arizona:  

 I spent some time in Sedona, Arizona where I did a great deal of meditating, self-healing and simply goofing off!


I enjoyed family time and learned how much I actually love them ❤️  (top left photo taken by Sarah Crea, bottom photo taken by Rocco Crea III)

My fellow traveler friend, Amanda came to me and we adventured up to the Grand Canyon. We bought onsies, thankfully, as it was 25 degrees at night which made camping a bit rough.  
We made the most of our trip…  I even “lived on the edge” a little.  Pretty scary and exhilarating!!

Then we adventured to Sedona where it was a bit warmer.  
We hiked and chilled around some vortex areas…Om.

On our last day, we dipped in the cold river to wash off some stank and then ate a lot of magic mushrooms (4 orders!) at Pisa Lisa’s.  No hollusinating but marinated perfectly!    
Then we picked up my mom for a girls day to the Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona.  And what an adventure that was!! Did you know there is more than one Desert Museum in Tucson?!? Ha! Now you do….word to the wise double check websites for addresses.  And when you are lost, laugh it off…it just makes for a great story later (will be in my book, I’m sure)
The last leg of my Arizona journey, I adventured to the Meteor Crater  
 And the Petrified Forest National Park. 

And I’m off again…losing time and finding me!

Love and hugs, Adventure Mel


2 thoughts on “The more I lose time, the more of me I find.

  1. Another fabulous read! Loved being part of your Arizona adventure. Your pictures tell a great story – beautiful, exhilarating, reflective and hilarious! Enjoy your journey, find your peace, stay focused and know your Mom loves you with all her heart!

    Liked by 1 person

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