Adventuring has been good for my soul!

As I begin week 11 on the road with Mercury retrograde just at the beginning of its cycle, I rejoice in this time to reflect, remember, revise and restructure.  
It’s kinda perfect timing for me:

  • I’m ready to sit and write. 
  • I’m ready to push my body and see what she can do 
  • I’m ready to spend significant time in deep meditation 

I’m not looking to necessarily start something new but rather move into each of these areas in my life a little deeper.  And the universe has my back.  

Getting to this point took time, practice, acceptance of what is, lots of letting go, loving my self fully and a great adventure!!!  

Story Time:

When I left Arizona, I was on I-40.  There was a storm coming.  I had been traveling for a while with the same four cars and a semi-truck.  The six of us sort of played frogger, weaving back and forth up the freeway.  

Somewhere between the Arizona/New Mexico border and Gallup, New Mexico it began to rain.  Hard.  I turned my wipers up as high as they would go.  I felt like they could take off.  And then suddenly, to my horror, I watched as the blades literally came off the wipers.  Both of them! Holy shitballs!!  

Fuck.  I had to think quickly.  And react immediately!  I turned off the wipers, sat up, checked my mirrors and moved over to the right lane between one of the cars and the semi-truck I was passing.  

Okay universe, help! 

As soon as I got into position, I threw on my flashers. As carefully and calmly as possible I made my way to the shoulder, mostly by instinct and feel as I could no longer see in front of me. 

As I made my way to a complete and safe stop, I remember laughing and thinking “well that was fucking scary.”

I sat in my car a few minutes to allow myself to calm down so I could think rationally and not act on emotions.  Plus I wasn’t excited about being in the torrential downpour.  As I sat in my car, I thought about what to do, who to call and how long I should sit there.  I decided to assess the situation.  

I grabbed my jacket and stepped outside.  It began to hail.  “Of course it’s hailing.” I laughed out to the universe.  I shut my door and noticed both blades were sitting under the storage container on top of my car.  Fuck yes!  

I tried to reattach them but the little tabs that holds them in place weren’t  cooperating.  I jumped back in my car to warm up my hands. As I sat there a cop with sirens blaring raced past me.  

I decided to grab my pliers.  So I got back out of my car and walked to where my toolbox sits.  As I grabbed my tool box, it opened in mid air, spilling all the contents onto the ground.  “Okay universe, very funny.”  As I crawled around the shoulder of the freeway soaking wet, two more cop cars sped by.  Then an ambulance.  Uh oh.  “I send love and healing to wherever they are headed”. 

I pressed the clips on with the pliers. Yes!  I jumped back in my car and turned the heat on full blast.  I turned on the wipers.  For three full wipes it was fine, then they both flew off again.  WTF?!?

I grabbed the blades, pressed them back on and tried it again.  Same as before. Three wipes and then they would make their escape.

After 20 minutes of playing this game, I sat in my car warming my hands simply breathing.  While I sat there more sirens raced past me.  I decided to sit in my car and meditate.  

During meditation it dawned on me.  I have zip ties! 

Securely zipped, I tried again. This time they lasted about 7 wipes before failing me.  Ugh.  Bright side, the hail stopped and the rain wasn’t as violent. If only my fingers weren’t going numb, I’d be golden.

 I went through 12 zipties before deciding to duct tape the crap out of them.  Success!  

An hour after I miraculously pulled over, I carefully merged onto the freeway with working wipers!!

About a mile down the road I found all the emergency vehicles along with the 4 cars I had been traveling with an hour before.  Two were upside down, one on its side and one completely totaled.  I truly believe if my wipers hadn’t come off, I too would have been involved in that terrible pile up.  Yikes! I hope everyone was okay.  It didn’t look good.  

I took the exit to Gallup and decided to wait out the storm.  “Thank you universe…I’ll take crazy fly-off-the-wiper blades any day.”

The next day was beautiful.  I decided since I was in New Mexico to check out the Petroglyphs.

Then it was time to get my drive on. 

I stopped in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and dipped my foot in the Magnetic Spring.  For 48 I was pain free.  Magical!

 I made my way up to Niagra Falls where I meditated near trees and listened to the falls.  It was so beautiful. 

Then it was time to meet up with my cousin Jenni and her husband Zac in Boston, Massachusetts.  What a fantastic reunion!  We danced with witches in Salem, Jen ran her first marathon (she’s amazing!!), Zac and I drank whiskey in a church (and it felt right), we drank beer and ate hotdogs at Fenway Park, we devoured wings at Hooters, we explored china town and just enjoyed each others company!!!

After Boston, I traveled down to Providence, Rhode Island.  It was here I reconnected with one of my best friends from high school.  What a joy it was to meet her family, reminisce, and to giggle like we did way back when.  I love Joanna dearly and I am blessed to have her back in my life! 

After Rhode Island I headed to New York….I have much to say about my experiences here…but this is where I pause my story as it is running quite long (thanks for hanging in there with me).  

My journey leaving Arizona to arriving in New York was incredibly only 13 days.  My life is so enriched and my soul is happy.  Adventuring surely is good for me!  

Love and hugs, my friends…Adventure Mel 


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