Time stopped. 

I’m in transition.  Adventuring from one friend’s home to another…

Things have to be taken care of. Phone calls have to be made. Freedom (my car) packed up, filled up and washed.  Food purchased and any last minute  details.  

While making one of those phone calls, I felt myself getting annoyed.  The trigger was the automated phone nazi who makes it nearly impossible to speak to a real person.  She doesn’t repeat what I have said correctly so I find myself shouting at a phone.  “No! No, that is not what I said.  I want customer service” ugh. Click.  WTF?!? Redial.  Starting over.  And btw she never seems to have the same menu each time I call either.  Grrr.  

This brought me to the thought with eyes rolled, “like I have all day to play this dumb game and/or stay on hold”.  Instantly my annoyance went away “well actually I do…” I smiled as I hung up the phone, “but I do not have to play this game.” 

And then time stopped.  

Just like that I became very present.  My mind free from clutter everything seemed to become suspended from time. 

I took a deep breath and observed my surroundings.  

*I can hear the river of cars commuting behind me.  The sun is warm.  Birds are singing.  My view is a forest of trees waiving at me.  Inviting me to inhale fully and enjoy this moment.*

It occurred to me how free I really am.  I am not under any time restraints.  So the clock is simply a point of reference and does not control me. And the emotion I was experiencing while on the phone wasn’t serving me so I let it go.  And since time isn’t an issue, I hung up.  

Therefore in the middle of nowhere I shall sit and write, meditate, and enjoy this day!

Don’t worry mom, I’m safe.

So while I sit here, I thought I would share where I have been:

If you are ever in CT, I highly recommend the New Britain Museum of American Art.  My two favorite artists there were Salvador Dali – Cycle of Life and Clinton Deckert – New/Now.  Sorry no pictures. 

This place was recommended by a guy who gave me a rock.  

And I met him because he’s friend’s with a girl who took me to WaterFire in Providence, RI

Which is where we discovered the amazing RI Bucket Drummers.  

Now, I met said girl at Providence Oyster Bar in Rhode Island.  She was enjoying the lobster bisque, which I have now had and it is delicious.  

I’ve met a lot of amazing people at this particular bar.  I’ve met a lawyer, Elks, an author, a hard working guy dedicated to his family, a teacher, a girl celebrating her birthday, a couple celebrating Friday night who invited me to the hookah lounge, and more.  Plus I met the wonderful people who work there!! I felt at home being around such loving souls 💖 and delicious food.

Pictured above is the bisque and the infamous  “lawbsta” roll my friend Gene Belcher has been raving about back home in Seattle for some time now.  It was great running into him on the east coast.   

He also suggested I visit Newport, RI. Which I did on more than one occasion. 

I’ve been given lots of great suggestions.  Including going hiking up in NH to Monadnock State Park.   

Notice the vast difference in trails. At the bottom of the mountain and around the pond, the trail is dirt and boards.  The higher you travel, the rockier it gets.  My knees took a bit of a beating but it was worth it!  And since I’m practicing listening to my body, I enjoyed several naps over the next few days.

While in NH, I met Kyle Webber.  What an amazing soul he is and great hugger! We shared an apple and a morning of conversation.  He shared with me that he’s a musician and was playing at the Live Free and Thrive NH Music Festival  at Granite  Gorge Ski Area and that I should probably go.  So I did.

I  woke with excitement. Music festival here I come! I drove a little over an hour from where I was staying to the festival. The drive was beautiful. If you’ve never been to New Hampshire, it’s beautiful. It’s surrounded by trees and old houses. The speed limit goes from 55 to 35 every 10 minutes but I just didn’t care. In fact, it kind of made it more magical because it forced me to look around and appreciate where I was.

The festival was put together by Heather Stockwell and Otis Doncaster.  Originally the festival idea was supporting Bernie Sanders but some political red tape turned it upside down and couldn’t be funded as such. But as my new friend Kyle stated “it wasn’t going to stop people from playing some damn music.”

The wind was fierce but their hearts were bonded in the mission and together they pulled off an incredible feat. If you weren’t there, and most of you were not, you missed out on one hell of a show!

Amazing music line up, including my new favorite, Band Band.  These guys should have their own festival…I want to be a part of it!

I met and hugged many people.  Lots of them knew each other, some knew no one but came for the music and others were there for a cause. After listening to their messages, I have decided to share a couple of them to help them get the word out.  

Miguel Picanco has been volunteering and organizing Bernie campaigns since October.  He is also a member of the Democratic National Convention and informed me that there is always something someone can do to help.  So if you are interested in how you can help, please contact him and he will point you in the right direction.  

When I asked him why he was at this particular festival he commented “I love music, even though most of the tunes weren’t exactly my style, but just the sheer mission of getting people together and exciting them about becoming more involved in politics for the sake of their friends’, family’s, and own future and providing even a just a glimmer of hope that the rigged systems can be fought until We the People truly are the system again as we once were. The innumerable injustices of the elites cannot be allowed any longer.”  

Miguel plans to keep working in politics for not only this election, but every election at every level of government he can for perhaps the rest of his life.  Watch for him in the future!

Keith Yergeau is with The Stamp Stampede, a grassroots organization of campaign finance reform activists. They are made up of over 60,000 individuals across the United States stamping our cash to circulate anti corruption messages as a form of legal protest. It’s a physical representation of the movement to amend the Constitution and limit the corrupting influence of money on our elected officials. The nonprofit was started in 2012 by Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s icecream to raise awareness and increase the cohesiveness of this issue in our society.

I asked him how he got involved in this particular organization and how it brought him to this festival.  “I started stamping money on my own, but now I work to promote the Stampede full time. I stamp because years ago, as I familiarized myself with the electoral process, I saw more and more of what money did to influence the policies of our government. It was surprising how something as obvious as a bribe could be legally ignored as such. I believe immediate action must be taken to limit the power (often undisclosed) ‘Big Money’ donors have over the law at everyone’s expense. We needlessly place an increasing burden on society as a result of living this way and it is not sustainable. Events like the Live Free and Thrive Festival in my community bring groups of people together with solutions to these problems. I strongly encourage everyone to join the conversation in their own networks and stay active in whatever way they can!”

He’s passionate about making this world we live in a better place for all.  Thanks for talking with me buddy and sharing your truth!!  

Anthony Procik and Mary Heslin were there educating people about the movement Rights & Democracy.  They are a fast-growing grassroots organization building engaged leadership teams across New Hampshire and Vermont — and they are ready for the political revolution.  They do good work -check them out! 

For me the best part was getting to know these amazing souls on a personal level.  We talked about wandering, traveling, numerology, living life to the fullest every day, volunteering to make a difference, how life pulls you in crazy directions and how it’s awesome when, even if for only a moment, time stands still.  Dance and share your truth! 

Happy Adventure Friday my friends! Love and hugs, 

Adventure Mel


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  1. Great Blog Mel! And great adventures. Thank You for the nod about safety. Love you very much. Lots of ban tornadoes in the Midwest so please check weather carfully on your journey! Keep blogging, keep smiling, and keep being you my love❤️❤️❤️❤️

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