What we are capable of….

I recently visited the National Museum of the United States of America near Daton, OH.  This is what I experienced: 

A memorial for those who served our country.Patriotism, love and support represented by our beautiful flag.A terrifying view.  Can you imagine  the bravery it took to stand in the nose of a fighter plane during war?Beautiful old things that together made flying even possible.The many aspects of WWII.Interesting round objects.And signs.The brilliance of the human mind to create faster, more efficient and stealthier aircraft. Although colorful, truly the ugliness of war.

The museum is free.  I spent three hours in awe.  I wondered the halls, taking it all in.  

As humans, we are capable of  many great things. It impressed me the evolution of the plane, in such a short period of time.  

We are also capable of terrible things, including the holocaust, that bring me to tears. War is ugly.  

It is our responsibility to learn from the past in hopes for a bright, secure and free future.  I am proud of the bravery it takes to fight for our country.

So as we remember our fallen soldiers this Memorial Day who died for our freedom, I am proud yet humbled to be an American.  

Love and hugs,

Adventure Mel 


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