145 days down…

What have you done for the last 145 days?  I quit my job, packed my car and have been adventuring, writing, meditating, visiting friends and family, meeting new friends, star gazing, finding myself, losing myself, creating a new life, crying at sunrises and capturing sunsets, practicing yoga, running, hiking, and over-all loving life.

These last 21 weeks have been amazing.  I have explored 16 different National Parks, Forests, Monuments, and Conservation Areas (in the order I visited them):

Hurricane Ridge, Olymic National Park, WA
Sol Duc Falls, Olympic National Park, WA
Crater Lake, OR
Redwood Forest, CA
Red Rock Canyon, NV
Dixie National Forest, UT
Bryce Canyon, UT


Zion, UT
Joshua Tree, CA
Grand Canyon, AZ
Petrified Forest, AZ
Petroglyph National Monument, NM
Mark Twain National Forest, MO

The above photo is the only picture I have in MO.  However the roads in this National Forest were  super fun to drive.  It was hilly and windy and beautiful farm land.

Mount Rushmore, SD
Hanging Lake, Rocky Mountains, CO
Uintah National Forest, UT
Grand Staircase-Escalante, UT

This doesn’t even count all the other amazing places I have explored, hiked, meditated at, took photos of, and simply enjoyed.  My crazy adventure has taken me through 26 different states.  Some, multiple times.   Some I stayed in for days or weeks at a time.  Some, I simply drove through as I was on a mission to get somewhere else.  I’m certainly not done.  In fact, I feel I have just gotten started…
So check your ego at the door and have some fun, let’s explore!
Love and hugs, Adventure Mel




One thought on “145 days down…

  1. When most people walk down memory lane they are talking with siblings, their parents or old friends. Remember when this happened….. Remember when that happened….. Du your remember so and so….. The memories are random, happy or sad, fun to reminisce. But you my dear daughter have created your own memory lane. A year in your life that you will never forget. Freedom, adventure, self discovery. I am so happy for you and so proud of your spirit. The writing and pictures you share are so profound and thought provoking. I Love You with all my heart. Mom❤️

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