Create your own legacy

I’m 30 weeks into this journey I call “Adventure Freedom”. And what an adventure it has been.  

Even still, yesterday I was blue.  

One might think it was the weather that triggered it.  Perhaps.  Gray skies, pouring rain and being stuck in my car could have set it off.  But really that just gave me the time to process some things.  

I was blue because I had to, once again, let go.  Why is letting go so difficult? Ugh.  And it doesn’t seem to matter what or who or why I am letting go…it’s difficult.  

The important thing is that I do let go.  And to do this, it is a process.  For me, I give myself time to mourn, to cry, to remember and to feel the pain.  It is in this pain that I begin to heal and move forward.  

So that was yesterday.  Today is a new day.  A day for renewing my spirit.  After an amazingly powerful hour long meditation this morning, I began reviewing my journals.  I came across a letter I wrote to myself in March.  It’s not about letting go but rather about moving forward and embracing my own journey. I want to share it because I think some of you can relate and need the encouragement to keep going.  (Please excuse the cuss words…)

I am the only one who can get in my own way. I know this. The only one to accomplish my goals and dreams is me. 

So how do I get out of my own way and get some shit done? By simply just doing that. Stop the nonsense convos in your head. What do you want to accomplish? Think about those things. Do those things. Even if just for 15 minutes at a time. A little is still moving in the right direction until eventually it is actually accomplished. 

You got this Mel.  I know it seems so fucking overwhelming and defeating but dammit kiddo… Look how far you’ve come. Keep going! 

This is your journey and yours alone. Quit comparing and sizing yourself to anyone else. That is their journey… Let them fail and/or soar while you embrace your own journey. 

Create your own legacy.

Love and hugs, Mel.
PS I believe in you!

Embrace your own journey and create your legacy!

Love and hugs, Adventure Mel


3 thoughts on “Create your own legacy

    1. I’m at a bar in Lees Summit, Mo. Heading to Colorado next week for some r and r. 7 months living in a motel. How crazy that I looked at the comment to your post. Where are you?


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